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Flex-Turn® Conveyor Belts


Flex-Turn® Conveyor Belts

Maintain product orientation and spacing around corners

Flex-Turn® conveyor belts gently convey products in process around corners while maintaining proper product alignment and spacing. They offer the tightest level transfer and smallest inside turning radius available. Smooth product handling minimises potential damage to delicate products. Our Flex-Turn® conveyor belts are specifically designed to work with our Flex-Turn® conveyors. Like all of our Flat-Flex® belts, Flex-Turn® belts are easy-to-clean and maintain.



Flex-Turn® Conveyor Belt Advantages


The Flex-Turn conveyor belt is a unique, tapered pitch, positively driven, stainless steel conveyor belt that does not collapse upon itself to form a radius, thus greatly reducing the potential for damage to products.

Right or left hand direction of travel is available.

Angles between 45 and 180 degrees may be special ordered for most Flex-Turn Conveyors.



  • Hygienic design, easy to clean and maintain
  • Unique non-collapsing tapered-pitch belt
  • Small product transfer possible
  • Non-slip positively driven


Aligned specialty belt