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Cordweave Conveyor Belt


Cordweave Conveyor Belt

Also known as 'Compound Balanced' belting

Wire Belt Company’s Cordweave belts offer an extremely close and flat mesh for applications where very small items are being conveyed. Cordweave also provides a uniform heat transfer across the belt due to its high density and smooth carrying surface. These characteristics make Cordweave a popular choice in a wide variety of applications, ranging from biscuit baking to sorting small mechanical components.

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Also known within the industry as “Compound Balanced (CB)” belting, Cordweave belt is essentially a Balanced Spiral belt which has multiple spirals and cross rods per pitch, effectively creating a “belt within a belt”. This compound structure closes up the apertures within the belt, giving Cordweave its characteristic high density and flat surface.

By offering a flat carrying surface with little open area, Cordweave is a popular choice for applications as diverse as bottle-annealing to baking small snack products. Cordweave is particularly popular in baking applications as its high density construction ensures a uniform heat transfer through to the product.

Cordweave is commonly supplied in Grade 304 Stainless Steel and high carbon steel; however other materials are available upon request. Drive is applied by use of friction rollers, with chain edge variants being available by special request. For applications requiring product elevation or separation, Cordweave can also be supplied with cross flights and side plates specific to your requirements.


Other Specialised Belt Style Applications

  • Rice Handling
  • Swarf Conveyors
  • Heat Treating of Small Fasteners
  • Furnace Curtain
  • Sintering of Powdered Metal Components
  • Electro-Plating
  • Accumulation Tables
  • Seed Drying


Typical Applications