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Chain Link


Chain Link

Chain Link

Wire Belt Company’s Chain Link belting is the simplest available wire belt design, suitable for light duty use in drying and cooling applications. Chain Link is a component part of Wire Belt Company’s Troughing Filter Belts, and can also be used as collapsible screen for applications such as lift guards.

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Chain Link features a simplistic design, where successive spiral coils are interwoven to create an open mesh. Chain Link can be supplied with the edges either knuckled or welded.

By keeping the belt design simple yet functional, Wire Belt Company’s Chain Link offers end-users an economic and lightweight solution for low load conveying applications. The large open area inherent in Chain Link’s design also makes it a popular choice for drying and cooling application where belt flow-through is of paramount importance.

Chain Link can be supplied with alternating left and right facing panels to counteract any tracking issues caused by the coil pattern. It is also available as Rod Reinforced Chain Link, where cross-rods are inserted across the belt width to increase the overall load capacity. Chain Link is commonly supplied in Grade 304 Stainless Steel, although other steel grades are available on request.

Typical Applications




Industrial Curtains

Lift Guards



Industrial Furnaces