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Duplex Honeycomb Conveyor Belt


Duplex Honeycomb Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

Duplex Honeycomb is an ideal choice for any application which requires both durability and an open belt design, whilst maintaining a flat carrying surface. The Duplex arrangement of the castellated flat strip and increased cross rod size gives the belt high strength-to-weight ratio which makes it an ideal choice for customers having heavy loaded applications with a high demand for efficiency of operation.

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Duplex Honeycomb belting, also known throughout the industry as Duplex Flat Wire belting, is a straight-running belt with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. It is available in a single standard specification having a nominal aperture size of 21mm wide x 26mm long.

Duplex Honeycomb is constructed from twin sets of formed flat wire strips connected by cross rods running through the width of the mesh. The duplex arrangement of flat wire strips having a 22.23mm depth produces a very stable belt construction. The cross rods are finished at the edges with a welded washer or nut.

The belt has a very high strength rating and is positively driven by means of specially developed sprockets. The large open area with high strength makes this belt particularly suitable for processes such as the handling of castings or similar in both hot and ambient conditions.

  • Open mesh construction for quick drainage and free air circulation
  • Flat carrying surface
  • Easily cleaned
  • Easily joined
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Positive sprocket drive


Typical Applications










Industrial Ovens

Heavy Duty Industry

General Conveying



Belt Specifications


Duplex Honeycomb belt is available in a single specification as described below.  The belt is available in incremental widths from 300mm to 1537mm wide. Please contact our Technical Sales Engineers with information regarding your application.


Belt Edges


Welded Washer Edge
Welded Washer Welded Nut

Duplex Honeycomb Belt Data


Belt Code: IS 125
Specification: 38.1 - 25.78 (NOM) – 22.23 x 2/2.03 – 7.94
Minimum Width (A): 300mm
Maximum Width (A): 1537mm
Longitudinal Cross Rod Pitch (B): 38.1mm
Nominal Lateral Pitch (C): 25.78mm nominal
Cross Rod Dia (D): 7.94mm
Belt Thickness (E): 22.23mm
Flat Strip Thickness (F): 2 x 2.03mm
Selvedge Finish: Welded washer /Threaded with welded nut
Nominal Open Area: 58%
Belt Weight: 48.5 Kg/m²
Maximum Belt Pull: Up to 13391 Kgf/mtr width*
Product Loading Capacity: Up to 610 Kg/m² **
Available Materials: Mild Steel, Zinc Plated Mild Steel, St/Stl  1.4301 (304) alt. 1.4404 (316L)
Operating Temperature Range: Sub Zero to +700°C


*Dependent upon operating temperature but can be exceeded if duplex sprockets, having twin rows of teeth, are used to drive in every drive space of the belt.

** Dependent upon material, operating temperature, belt support arrangement and conveyor length.


Duplex Honeycomb Drive Components


The drive sprockets are only available in the following sizes.


Sprocket Data


No. of Teeth P.C.D (mm) Bore
Min (mm) Max (mm)
26 313.97 44.45 152.4
30 362.08 44.45 203.2
34 410.18 44.45 254


Face width through bore:  40mm or 50mm


Material Availability


Cast Iron, Mild Steel or St/Stl 1.4305 (303)


Sprocket style: 


a) Standard Simplex – single tooth row. 
b) For very heavily loaded applications sprockets with twin rows of teeth (duplex) may be required.  Check with Technical Sales with details of your application